Constant High Quality - ISO 22.000


Quality management is critical for your business. Pharmavit is dedicated to providing you with only the best products available.

We achieve optimal customer satisfaction through our careful selection of manufacturing partners. All our partner laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025 certified. All our products are acquired under the latest ISO 22000 system, ensuring the highest standards for Food Safety and traceability. All procedures are checked by Bureau Veritas, located in the Netherlands, and we guarantee that HACCP requirements for the Food and Nutrition industry are in line with industry standards. We rigorously assess our manufacturing partners to verify the quality and technical specifications of the products we supply to you. This assessment include questionnaires, factory visits, and sampling and analyzing of materials. Our transparant chain policy ensures the integrity of our products and materials.
For each material, all product documentation is available. Every delivery is accompanied by a certificate of analysis confirming that the product complies to the specification.

ISO Certified
In Pharmavit, one of our priorities is quality-conscious thinking and acting of all those involved within the company, therefore it has been ISO 22000 certified. This allows Pharmavit to guarantee that our products comply with the requirements in the laws and regulations concerning food supplements and raw materials for food supplements. The certification covers the purchase, sale and storage of all products and encompasses the following scope: “Purchase and sale of dietary supplements and medicines.” Pharmavit is in the process of “Organic products” certification.

Our in house Quality Assurance expert is ready to answer all your questions.

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