About us

Pharmavit is an independent, family-owned pharmaceutical company, established in 1999. We supply raw materials and finished products to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. With partner offices and extensive networks in China, India and the USA, we are at the forefront of developments in the market.

Guaranteed consistency

In order to maintain a structural cooperation with you and our producers, we make choices for the long term. Pharmavit specializes in high quality minerals, vitamins, botanicals, plant and herb extracts, and nutritional supplements. We supply to producers of food supplements and pharmaceuticals. We have a wide range of products in stock and guarantee consistency. The range is continually expanded and adjusted to your needs. If we do not have a particular product, we act quickly to find it for you and add it to our stock if required.

We are your dedicated partner in business

Continually improving your business, that is our main concern. Supplying a growing number of product variations to suit individual requirements is one of the many challenges we are facing in our ever more globalizing world. Pharmavit is your dedicated partner. We understand your concerns and needs. We know that especially in the pharmaceutical, food, sports, and nutritional branche, constant quality is of utmost importance. Therefore we’ll go to great lengths to ensure that you have access to high end products.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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